Todd Barton

music, composition, buchla synthesis

February 20th — Nurture Diversity

THANK YOU ALL who participated in this donation project!!

We raised hundreds of dollars for the ACLU thanks to YOU!

Join me February 20th to keep diversity nurtured!

Sound is power

Sound knows no borders

Sound knows no religion, gender, race, class or preference

Sound Is

On President’s Day I am offering a “one time only” mix tape (really a digital download) of my favorite original synthesizer compositions over the past 30 years. The download will be available February 27.

To get your copy please donate, any amount you like, on February 20 with the paypal Donate Here link below. All proceeds will go directly to the ACLU and you will get the one time mix tape.

Hopefully we can all stay vigilant and openhearted as our democracy fibrillates in this new environment.

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