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2018: Quite the Year!

This summary courtesy of David McNamee of Blue Tapes label and big thank you David for producing my album, Multum in Parvo and sharing the gig at Cafe Oto in London!!!

Lots of news this week on the Todd Barton front!
BBC Radio 3‘s esteemed Late Junction recently broadcast Todd’s critically-acclaimed Music and Poetry of the Kesh live set from Unsound festival, alongside an excerpt from Todd’s album for us, Multum in Parvo! Click the picture above to listen to the broadcast.

And checkout the NY Times review of that concert here

The reliably ‘on it’ The Quietus also gave Multum in Parvo a very respectable placing in their epic Albums of The Year 2018 list. Blue Tapes artistes including Plains Druid and Katie Gately (Two years in a row! For the same release!) have previously featured in this annual bible of Cool Stuff, so it’s great to see Todd nestled up in there.


And Anna Wood’s review of Multum In Parvo totally groks what it and I are about

The Wire also got in on the new love-in in their end of year issue, listing Freedom to Spend‘s pressing of Todd and Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Music and Poetry of The Kesh as No. 1 reissue of the year. 

And in the same issue was this lovely review by Deputy Editor Emily Bick of mine and Todd’s live show at Cafe OTO in London. (Click image above to enlarge).


And personally: deep thanks and gratitude to my family, friends (old and new) and audiences that have nurtured, encouraged and sustained me this year!!

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