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Buchla-Serge-Hordijk Skype Tutoring

PLEASE NOTE: As of mid July, 2019 my rates will increase.  See the Paypal button below for the updated pricing.

“Todd’s tutorials are my lifeline to understanding all things Buchla and beyond! Not only informative on the technical but artistically inspiring as well!”    — Mark Isham

I am now offering tutorials for Eurorack modular systems too!

If you are a beginner just wanting to get your head and fingers around a Buchla oscillator or a Serge DSG, a Hordijk Rungler, or for those of you wanting to get a jump start on your Music Easel or just delve deeper into your Buchla 200e or Serge system, or explore a particular module . . . I am offer online Skype (or FaceTime) tutorials.  These are essentially private lessons and can be either a one-off, addressing a specific topic, or an ongoing set of lessons developing deeper techniques.

“My students getting started on the Buchla 200e have been using Todd’s tutorials.  It has made my teaching much more productive. Thanks Todd; we need more!”

— Morton Subotnick

  • Learn more about a single module or just basic Buchla-Serge-Hordijk concepts
  • Learn efficient patching and routing techniques
  • Take a half-hour to view and virtually test drive a module you might be thinking of buying
  • Consult on best setup for your studio or live performance

“Todd’s creativity mixed with his passion for making synthesis relatable and understandable to those who want to learn make him an absolute treasure to the synth community. I’m continually blown away by his generosity and wealth of knowledge.”

-Christopher Wray


The tutorial fee is $35 for 1/2 hour session (1/2 hour minimum). Payment through Paypal. If you are interested in a scheduling a Skype tutorial or wish more information please email me using my contact form.  If you’d like to schedule and pay for a session now just choose the session length below:

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