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Collected Buchla Tutorials

I’ve been working hard to collect some of my favorite original Buchla tutorials into a single site for easy access and enjoyment.  Here there are over 12 hours of courses, tips, tricks and overviews.  

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And for a basic overview of the Buchla paradigm as I see it, check my Buchla Blog.

Buchla Mind, Beginner’s Mind. An in depth series of tutorials on the functions, uses and patching of the Buchla 200 Electric Music Box. 3 hours.

Buchla 101: 200e Series Modules. A comprehensive look and functions and uses of the basic modules of the Buchla 200e modules. 73 minutes. For purchase from

Buchla 102: The Easel Explored. Detailed and thorough look at all the modules and functions of the Buchla Music Easel. 69 minutes. For purchase from

Allen Strange’s Manual for the Easel. A viewer’s digest of Allen Strange’s Programming and Meta-programming the Electro-Organism from 1974. 1 hour.

BEMI Music Easel Aux Card: a video manual. 45 minutes.

Portabellabz’ ToolBox and BOB for the Easel. A comprehensive video manual. 50 minutes.

Buchla 212 Dodecamodule. Overview. 22 minutes.

Buchla 296e Spectral Processor Tutorials: a video manual. 60 minutes.

Buchla 252e Polyphonic Rhythm Generator. A video manual. 34 minutes.

 Buchla 259e. Tips, Tricks and demos. 10 minutes.

Buchla Easel Ambient Patch. Explorations and tutorials for developing ambient style patches similar to Alessandro Cortini and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. 34 minutes.

Buchla iProgram Card Overview and Tips. 35 minutes.

Buchla Breaks. A freeform romp through my Buchlidian thoughts as I explore patching live. Originally broadcast live over Ustream.

Verbos Harmonic Oscillator 262v Demos. Seven demos of the main functions of the Verbos 262e.

Enjoy! If you find these of value you’re welcome to donate what-you-will to help fund future tutorials. Donate Here.