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Hordijk Synth Tutorials

Though raised on Buchla and Serge systems (they are my roots), I’ve been delving deeply into Rob Hordijk’s amazing, stunning and inspiring analog synthesizer designs for many years. Every day, with just one of his modules, is a brand new adventure of discovery and delight.

Thank you very much for the ‘one minutes’ [tutorials], they get a really good reception with users. I must admit they inspire me too, especially as I have come to the habit of immediately setting up complex patches and then getting lost in how to play them. These simple examples let me go back to the basics, with often better results. –Rob Hordijk

Here is a link to my recent tutorials which I hope you find of some value.

And finally, here is a free EP of some of my original compositions for the Hordijk system:

Happy Exploring!

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