Todd Barton

music, composition, buchla synthesis

Upcoming Releases

I’m really excited to announce some new albums and a few old re-releases are on the way! Check them out!

solo shakuhachi

On May 31, 2019 Flying Moonlight will re-release my solo shakuhachi album from 2003. It is enhanced by an exciting joint project among Flying Moonlight, MakeNoise Music and MakeNoise is simultaneously releasing a Morphagene reel on Freesound of samples I curated from this album. You will be able to remix samples and create your own music from this album. CD/Cassette/Download.

serge vignettes

May 27, 2019 Ante-Rasa Records released the first of 4 mini volumes of my short mood and thought pieces for the Serge Modular Music System. All analog sounds, all the time!


This Summer Flag Day Recordings will release my new studio album, spaces. Most of my recent album have been live or studio improvisations. With this album I’ve gone back into the studio and composed multi-layered timbral explorations using Buchla, Hordijk, Metasynth and Stereo Field. Stay tuned!

This Autumn two new albums on the Fantasy Enhancing label from the UK:

One, the live recording of my solo Easel performance in London last year at Cafe Oto.

The other, Terrains for Easel, a new album of unreleased works for the Buchla Easel.

And, any day now, I’ll have a track on a compilation album from OBSEQVIVM Records.